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We have many rental options for your special occasion!  Add balloons for even more fun!! Contact us to reserve any of the following items.

Birthday Cake Inflatable                                 $25.00

Wood Birthday Cake                                       $20.00  (personalize with age and name add $10)       

Candles                                                            $1.00 each (54 available, Volume Discount available)

Wooden Happy Birthday letters                    $25.00

Wooden Congratulations letters                     $25.00

Score a Happy Birthday Sign                        $12.00

Footballs Stakes and Spinning Kicker         $25.00

Happy Birthday Sign                                      $12.00

Wooden Stork/Bird                                         Free with babies

It’s A Boy Sign                                                $12.00

12 Baby Boy Stakes                                       $20.00

It’s A Girl Sign                                                $12.00

12 Baby Girl Stakes                                       $20.00

Smiley Birthday Sign                                     $12.00

25 Smiles Stakes                                            $25.00

Wooden Red, White and Blue Boy               $15.00

Wooden Red, White and Blue Girl                $15.00

Wooden Bear                                                  $15.00

16 Pink Flamingo Stakes                               $20.00

32 Pink Flamingo Stakes                               $40.00                                                                                   

Prices do not include the security deposit. Rental is for 2 days. Call the store or stop in for pricing on delivery, setup, and return.  A rental agreement is required.  

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