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New....Now order from our website!

February 27, 2020


We have some exciting news! You can now order balloons from the comfort of your home right on our website. You can choose to have them delivered locally or schedule a time to pick up yourself.

You can order 2 ways: Create Your Own or Let Us Create It For You.

Create your own:

You pick out all the balloons you want in the bouquet. Foil, Latex, Oversized, etc.  And don't forget to check out the add-ons to add a balloon weight, candy, stuffed animal, etc. Balloon weights are very important if you are bringing it to someone. Otherwise they need to stand and hold it the entire time. :)

As of right now, there is no where to put what height you want to bouquet. So the defaut is table height unless it is too large for that, then it will be floor height. Eventually there will be a notes section or a button to add that info. You can always email or call us and give us those details.

Let us create it for you:

We have a nice variety of bouquets you can choose in several price ranges. Pick the one you like best and add it to your cart. Then pick the occasion and gender of the recipiant. If your specific occasion is not on the list, please put it in the notes and we will do our best to make it happen. You can also contact us first and ask what we have in very specific areas. For example, you can choose birthday, but it is for a 50 year old. Then tell us that in the notes and we can make it geared that way. You can even tell us specific things like, "No Over the Hill, we are being nice", or "Lots of over the Hill Please", etc!  We would also love to know things like age, favorite colors, if there is a theme or character you prefer. IMPORTANT: for the itme being in Create your own, it has addons of balloon weights. Don't pick one! It is already included in the cost of the bouquet. That is one small glich we are working on. If you do pick one, we will fully refund you the cost of the weight.

Right now, it is asking for a recipent even if you PICK UP. We don't really need that info, so eventually it will be off there, but it is required for now. You can just put your own name in that spot. But if we are doing a DELIVERY for you, we need to know who it is going to, so that space is important.

If you need a faster pick up or delivery, or things outside the paramaters on the website, please contact us and we can always work with you!!

As with any new venture, we are learning some things as we go. If you have any questions about our site, please call the store at 920-372-3525 or send us an email at and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

We hope this new way you can order will be a great addition to the high customer service standards we always strive for.

Thank you,

Karen Anderson, Owner of Party & Print